Useful information: internet packages

Stay connected with your online world while at sea, share your special moments with friends and family and tell everyone what a great time you’re having, thanks to the satellite internet access system installed across MSC’s fleet.

Internet access is available via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can also use the facilities of the onboard Internet Café on some ships with full-size screens and keyboards, complemented by high-quality printers. Both services are accessible 24 hours a day almost everywhere on board, including public areas and your stateroom. You can purchase your preferred Internet packages before your cruise and take advantage of a 20% savings from the on board prices.


• Devices: 1 device
• Data limit: 800 MB
• Browsing: social networks e chat apps

€ 24,90

• Devices: 2 devices
• Data limit: 2 GB
• Browsing: web, e-mail, social networks e chat apps

€ 59,90

• Devices: 4 devices
• Limite dati: 4 GB
• Browsing: web, e-mail, social networks e chat apps

€ 89,90

Internet packages are available on all MSC ships, but packages and prices may vary slightly by ship and cruise length. Full details of packages and prices are shown in your logged-in MyMSC area for pre-cruise purchases and on your device’s screen when you connect to the ship’s network. When you purchase onboard, the Internet charges will be billed to your onboard account. Internet performance on board the ship relies on satellite links and therefore may at times be significantly slower. Video streaming is not available with any package (e.g. access to websites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Sopcast, Megavideo, Funshion, Streampix, Popcorn Time, etc).

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